PS18: Soleil sans Soleil

Sans Soleil is a 1983 essay film directed by French documentary filmmaker Chris Marker. It's a meditation about the nature of human memory, showing the inability to recall the context of memory, and how, as a result, the perception of personal and global histories is affected. It's a mixture of thoughts, images and scenes, gathered from Japan, Africa, Iceland, San Francisco, and France.

Raphael Benz

Cian Jochem

Max Keller

Oliver Jauslin

Adrian Pirlet

Benjamin Kunz

Refael Blatt

Miles Bögli

Patricia Diemunsch

Adrian Forkin

Julia Gloor

Gil Graber

Olivia Groenke

Salome Habersatter

Evelina Hàllen

Gianna Heim

Cian Jochem

Nicolai Jaron Kager

Nicolai Jaron Kager

Max Keller

Max Keller

Lucian Kunz

Timo Lanz

Oliver Lenzlinger

Linde Bansagy

Lisa Strub

Meagan Matiz

Joe Mertenat

Lukas Müller

Hoang Nguyen

Aubrey Pohl

Audrey Rappold

Annalisa Savin

Tanja Häfelfinger

Ezra Truncellito

Céline Wassmer

Marco Weber

Hanna Welzel

Hanna Welzel