PS15: kick that habit

The quote is taken from an experimental Swiss movie. Finde the movie snippets here. here. You can either refer to the quote itself, to the source of it or to the related topic in general the complete movie on the server down that habit hole? here.
Drawing on trace elements of Jazz and Arte Povera, Swiss duo Andy Guhl and Norbert Möslang use a range of cracked everyday electronic equipment to create abstract sound environments. Alongside free improvisation, they've devoted over 30 years to obsessively fathoming the potential of generative composition by analogue, non-computer-steered systems for their Voice Crack project. Peter Liechti's "Kick That Habit" is set to be a music film classic - its artful, cinematically unique sequences transcend the usual parameters of documentary.

Florence Dreier

Evelina Hallén

Adelia Imobersteg

Max Keller

Meagan Matiz

Jana Beyerlein

Refael Blatt

Leon Bricola

Kenan Brunner

Ronja Burkard


Martina Dolezalova

Olivia Groenke

Gianna Heim

Oliver Jauslin

Tim Levi Keller

Benjamin Kunz

Lucian Kunz

Lakra Zubin

Laurent Poffet

Noah Rohner

Adrian Pirlet

Timo Reber

Analaura Rivarola

Giorgia Spina

Linda Surber

Noemi Thommen

Céline Wassmer